Wednesday, 23 January 2008

'The Element Song' – Tom Lehrer

'Thankyou Masked Man – Lenny Bruce'

'Salamander' – Pascual Sisto

video installation - click here for video

'The Monster Mash' – Bonzo Dog Band

'On The Brandwagon' – Jonathan Meades

documentary about urban regeneration and a look at Liverpool.

'Light Attack Florence' – Daniel Sauter

mad video projection - click here for video and background

'Lise at Jan' - Panique Au Village

Push Pull – Pascual Sisto

video installation - click here for video

Fresh Festival – Smiling Wolf

'Little Red Riding Hood' – Monty Python

'Larsen Feedback' – Maxime Marion

What happens when you point you camcorder at the TV...

'Next' - Barry Purves

'Nanobotsl' – Daniel Sauter

interactive installation - click here for video and background

'Gummo' (opening titles) – Harmony Korine

Pascual Sisto - 'No Strings Attached'

video installation - click for video

Justice - D.A.N.C.E

Daniel Sauter - ‘We interrupt your regularly schedules programme"

Video Installation

The Knife - 'We Share Our Mother's Health'

El Perro Del Mar - '(God Knows) You Gotta Give to Get'

Grizzly Bear - The Knife

Thursday, 4 October 2007

'TANGO' - Zbiginiew Rybczynski

1982 film in which various people repeatedly enter a room and leave in an ever increasing loop. What is it all about?  

Monday, 1 October 2007


Title sequence to Brian Yuzna's 1985 horror film 'Re-animator'. I chose this because of the classic Bernard Hermann style strings combined with an 80's drum beat and neon medical diagrams.

Love Conquers All - The Picket Liverpool

Liverpool Stories

The Harrisons - Dear Constable

Music video set in a futuristic totalitarian state that infact lookks like a 1970's Sheffield! Produced by LJMU graduates Dylan Southern and William Lovelace.

A Symphony Of Bells

A documentary about the 800th birthday bell symphony composed by Lorenc Barber for the city of Liverpool. A cacophony of sound, a celebration and an ominous warning. Made by Steve Clarkson, Sam Meech, Tim Brnusden and Markus Soukup

Steve Clarkson - PixelTrick
Sam Meech - Luden AV
Tim Brunsden - Light Factory

Panique Au Village - On a Kidnappe Ane

A cowboy an indian and a horse. These belgian animations are brilliant!
Panique Au Village

Clive McFarland - the Unfortunate Thing About Peter

Clive McFarland's Website

Adam O'Shea - Theatre Boy and his Broken Bike
Degree Show 2007 Blog

Adam O'Shea - Priestly Come Running

Adam O'Shea and Chanwit Wongkloms website

Clifford Sage - Environ: Linkta and Transmissinator

More from last years graduates here

Daniella Orsini - Celebrate

This and other videos from last years graduates can be found at

Daniella's Website

Sir Ken Robinson - Do Schools Kill Creativity

the TED talks are well worth checking out - everything from architecture to evolutionary biology, anthropology and multimedia. All found at or available as a podcast - just search iTunes store for 'TED talks'.